3 Bucket Options to Consider for Skid Steer Rentals

If you have recently started your own excavation contractor business, then you may not be ready to purchase all of the bulldozers, backhoes, and loaders that you need. You may need to start off small, and this means foregoing the equipment purchases and leases for rentals. If you want a piece of equipment that can do it all, then a skid steer is a good option, especially since you can also rent different attachments for the front of the machine. Bucket attachments are likely needed, so find out about a few buckets you may want to think about renting.

Combination Bucket

Your rented skid steer may come with a standard bucket that allows you to move dirt or stone from one area of a property to another. You likely can choose the width of the bucket and pick from a 54, 60, or 66 inch variety, but you cannot do a whole lot besides moving spoils and soil. However, if you pick a combination bucket instead, you will be able to dig, doze, grapple, level, and dump. Serrated teeth and tapered edges along the sides of the bucket can assist with this.

Different activities can also be performed when the back panel of the bucket is disengaged. Long teeth can be added to the opening for grappling, or the open edge can be dragged along the ground for leveling purposes. The bucket can also be attached upside down for dozing.

If you do decide to rent the combination bucket, just make sure that the rental company provides you with instructions on how to use the different features of the attachment. This information as well as an instruction booklet will help to ensure the safe attachment and use of the device.

Concrete Bucket

If your excavation business also involves the formation of driveways, walkways, and other small home additions, then you may need to mix concrete occasionally. If you work alone or with a small crew, then this may mean moving wet concrete with a wheelbarrow. This may be ineffective if the wheelbarrow needs to travel to the back edge of the property, but the mixer is set in the front. Your skid steer can help with the mixing, moving, and pouring process if you rent a concrete bucket.

The bucket will likely hold about a half yard of concrete. You can mix the concrete in the large bucket area, or you can pour pre-mixed concrete inside. A small chute or opening will sit on the front of the bucket. The chute can be manually opened when the skid steer is in place, or the hydraulics of the machinery can pour out the concrete. 

Light Material Bucket

If you intend on clearing snow as part of your contractor business or if you want a contract with your local city or town to move snow during emergencies, then your long 60-inch bucket or combination bucket probably won't work for you. Speed and accuracy are required to move snow, especially if cars are around or if narrow areas need to be cleared. In this case, a light material bucket is your best option. These buckets feature smaller lengths and longer widths along the base. The long width will help you to pile snow in the loader bucket while the shorter length will offer better maneuverability. Some of these buckets feature holes along the back too, so snow will not get stuck and compact in your bucket while you move it around. 

A rented skid steer might be the best addition to your new excavation business, and you should make sure that you take full advantage of the attachments and add-ons. Buckets are likely to be very helpful, so think about renting combination, concrete, and light material varieties from your contractor equipment rental supplier. 

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