What You Should Keep in Your Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Kit

If you work with a lot of hydraulic cylinders in your industrial business, ensuring that you are able to get them up and running when they break down is probably very important to you. Therefore, you might keep a repair kit on hand that is stocked with necessary supplies for making repairs. This can be smart, since you won't have to worry about needing to buy parts or waiting for parts to be ordered and shipped to your business when you need to make a repair. These are a few things that you might want to keep in your repair kit.


Over time, hydraulic hoses can become worn out. They can become twisted, which can cause creases and other damage, or they can break or tear under pressure. In many cases, simply swapping out a faulty hose can be a good way to get your hydraulic cylinders up and running again, so you'll probably want to keep a few hoses in common sizes close at hand. When buying hoses, consider spending a little more for the ones that are designed not to twist easily, which can last longer.


Another common cause of hydraulic cylinder failure is a faulty seal. Luckily, even though a faulty seal can cause a lot of problems, it is generally a quick and easy repair. Plus, seals are generally quite affordable when compared to other parts, so it pays to keep plenty of them on hand. As soon as a seal begins to look worn-out, it's often worth it to go ahead and swap it out with an affordable replacement seal to prevent any problems.


In some cases, hydraulic hose fittings are the cause of the problem with hydraulic cylinders. If you aren't using the right fittings, it can be tough to fit them together. Additionally, even the best of fittings can become damaged over time and can leak from the end of the hose, or they might not fit on the end of the hose at all. In these situations, having multiple high-quality fittings in your repair kit will help you take care of any potential problems.

Keep a repair kit on hand so that you can handle repair issues with your hydraulic cylinders when they arise. Stocking up on hoses, seals, and fittings can help you ensure that your repair kit is properly supplied so that you can handle various types of repair problems.

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