4 Huge Advantages Of Fiberglass Scaffolding

Scaffold towers are indispensable parts of construction sites the world over. Even in places where there is just a bit of repair work that needs to be done, scaffolds are often the primary way in which the work is accomplished. As for the scaffolding itself, there are a number of different material options you can choose from, including aluminum and steel. Both are popular, but neither can compete with fiberglass scaffolding when it comes to the sheer number of advantages offered. Take a look below for some of the biggest.

No Conductivity

Scaffolding is used fairly often to perform work on electrical components. This is fine in and of itself, except that many materials traditionally used for scaffolding actually conduct electricity, and as such put you at risk for a potentially serious shock. The great thing about fiberglass is that is non-conductive, so you don't ever have to worry about experiencing an unwelcome jolt of electricity while working on your scaffold.

Less Weight 

Another big advantage of fiberglass scaffolding is that it is extremely lightweight. If you are doing work at a number of different, smaller sites, and need to move your scaffolding from one to the other, the lower weight will more likely than not prove to be a huge benefit.

Greater Visibility in the Workplace

If you are working in an outdoor environment, it may be that your scaffolding will blend in to the surroundings in a way that isn't optimal for the on-site workers. Because, of course, it is preferred that scaffolding stand out in a busy workplace, fiberglass has a big leg up on other, more traditional scaffolding materials. Instead of a bland, grey-ish color, fiberglass scaffolding can be made to look red, yellow, or any color in between.

Resistance to Corrosion

Another big benefit of fiberglass scaffolding is that it is resistant to all types of corrosion. If you are working in a place such as a hospital or chemical plant, you can rest easy knowing that the scaffolding won't be corroded by the various chemicals present. In addition, fiberglass will not oxidize, which can't be said of aluminum scaffolding. This means that your fiberglass scaffolding will last longer and is more durable than the same product made of different materials. If longevity is a concern for you and your construction business, consider purchasing fiberglass scaffolding towers in order to get the most for your money. 

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