Proper Maintenance To Improve Pallet Racking Safety

Having the ability to keep excess inventory on hand allows your company to easily fulfill orders as they arrive. Investing in a pallet racking system gives you the ability to easily store spare inventory, but these pallet racking systems can become a safety hazard if they are not properly maintained.

Here are three simple tips that you can use to ensure your pallet racking system doesn't pose a threat to the safety of your warehouse workers in the future:

1. Routinely inspect your pallet racking system's hardware.

Pallet racking systems are assembled using a series of hardware pieces. These hardware pieces can include nuts and bolts, screws, and other types of fasteners. As you load and unload spare inventory from the pallet racking system, hardware fasteners can loosen over time.

It's important that you regularly inspect the tightness of your pallet racking system's hardware. Preventing loose fasteners is a simple and effective way to ensure your pallet racking system remains safe and structurally sound.

2. Carefully monitor each rack for signs of shifting.

In order for your pallet racking system to safely house spare inventory, the individual racks need to remain square and level. You should be conducting routine visual inspections to check individual racks for signs of shifting.

This shifting can occur if the pallet racking system is bumped with a forklift during loading and unloading, if the pallet racking system settles naturally over time, or if the load capacity for an individual pallet is exceeded. Keeping individual racks square and level will prevent potentially dangerous collapses and ensure that your pallet racking system is safe to use in the future.

3. Visually inspect your pallet racking system's welds.

The frame of most pallet racking systems are made from structural steel. These steel frames are welded together, but the welds joining the pieces of steel can begin to fail over time.

You should visually inspect each of your pallet racking system's welds carefully for signs of damage on a regular basis. Look for cracks in the weld, flaking of the weld seam, or sagging of individual pallet racks. Repairing damaged welds immediately will help to prevent potential collapses that could result in serious injury.

Being able to rely on your pallet racking system is important when it comes to managing your company's inventory. Keep your pallet racking in good condition by regularly tightening hardware, checking for individual rack shifts, and inspecting welds for signs of damage.

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