Three Reasons Why You Should Have Multiple Sizes Of Flange Spreaders In Your Toolbox

If you have a tool box, and you love tools, you probably have wrenches of different types in every possible size, in both metric and standard measurements. It is just the nature of acquiring tools and keeping them in containers; it appeals to human nature to collect and display things. However, there are just some tools you do not use everyday, like hydraulic flange spreaders. Yet, if you work in an industrial setting, you have to have multiple sizes of flange spreaders in your toolbox. Here are some reasons why.

Because Flanges Are Not Universal in Size or Shape

Flanges are two pieces of metal that are bolted together to form a stronger bond. They are quite thick and often heavy. Mostly, they are used for connecting industrial pipes together, but they do have other uses. Because flanges are not universal in size, shape, or even the same metal materials, and they will get stuck together when you most need to pry them apart, you need the right size and type of flange spreaders.

Because Larger Flange Separators Provide More Prying Force

The larger flange separators have greater prying force via the hydraulic components. If the correct size flange separator for the flanges you are attempting to separate does not work because it needs more power, you may be able to use one the next size up to get more pull/push between the flanges. Of course, you can only do that if you already have the next size flange at the ready.

Certain Flange Spreaders Are Designed Just for Specific Types of Flanges

Just like your wrenches and screwdrivers, you are not going to use a gas and oil pipeline flange spreaders on a small, "scround" (i.e., squarish-round) crank flange. You need a flange designed specifically for special jobs at hand. Since you never know what type of flange you are going to encounter, and it is always better to be prepared, stock up on all kinds of flanges ahead of time.

Do Not Forget Extra Flange Alignment Pins Either

A flange is only as good as its alignment pin. Since alignment pins can wear out and/or break very quickly, you should buy extra flange alignment pins every time you buy a new flange separator. Thankfully, you can buy flange alignment pins online, along with your spreaders, from various sources. Then just stash the pins with your flange spreader collection, and you are all set to work. Contact a company, like SMP Specialty Maintenance Products, for more info.

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