Sharp Learning Curve: Dealing With Carbide Insert Wear

Carbide inserts are sharp, tough, and durable, but they also have the strange tendency to wear out faster, as they wear out. That means that as they wear out more, the rate at which they wear out increases. This is very different from the wear rate on non-carbide tools, and if you're new to using carbide tips, the wear rate can seem surprisingly fast. However, you don't have to let the wear take you by surprise, nor do you have to let it upset your project schedule. Plan ahead, and you'll be able to handle any wear issues the tips throw your way.

Frequent Inspections

Start with frequent inspections. If you can, take pictures of the tips from a couple of different angles so that you can compare them with the tips during the next inspection. All you need is a small digital camera and a computer on which to archive the photos. If the tips start to show a lot of wear, then you know it's time to replace them before they become dull enough to adversely affect your project.

Keep Custom Inserts on Hand

Have custom inserts made to fit your equipment exactly, and always keep a supply on hand. That lets you replace worn tips without creating major delays in your production. You could go for generic tips, but these sometimes have little variations that make them fit decently but not perfectly. Custom carbide inserts avoid that problem. Just be sure to store the tips correctly so that they aren't lost or damaged. Carbide is very hard, but even hard materials can sustain damage.

Note, too, that you can't expect a company to come up with custom inserts immediately. Do not leave the step of having the inserts made to the last minute. Have them made now, while everything is fine, so that you will have them on hand when you need them.

Monitor Work Quality

Also look at the quality of the products cut by those carbide tips. If you notice any drop in quality, even a small drop, inspect the tips immediately. There could be new damage or extra wear that occurred after the last inspection. Stop work immediately and replace the tip.

Having those custom carbide inserts on hand will be highly beneficial because once the wear begins, it will only accelerate. Start speaking with companies like Olson Carbide about getting a supply of custom tips made.

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