3 Advantages Of Installing A Wastewater Recycling System In Your Car Wash Business

Your job in the car wash business is to help customers get their ride shiny and clean by providing them with all the necessary tools to do so, whether it is an automated car wash, a pressure-washing system, or soap-laden scrub brushes. One of the major things you must provide your customers in this business is water. It is only logical that the amount of water you use in your car wash will be one of the highest expenses you have, but have you considered how that could change with a wastewater recycling system? Here is a look at just a few of the advantages of installing a wastewater recycling system in your car wash business. 

Reap incredible savings on water usage costs every month. 

All that dirty water goes right down the drain and into the sewer system while customers wash away the grime, but this water does not have to be a complete waste. If you have a wastewater recycling system in place, the used water will be captured, filtered, and cycled right back to a holding tank where it can be reused as clean water. Of course, there will always be some water loss, but just this one change can save you a ton of money every month on water usage. 

Run a business operation that is kinder to the environment. 

There are some businesses that are automatically under a little more scrutiny because of their high usage of resources and the chemicals they use in their processes, and, unfortunately, a car wash is one of them. All of the chemicals used to clean vehicles and the high level of water usage is really not a kind thing to the environment. By implementing your own wastewater recycling system, you can rest assured you are doing what you can to filter out toxins and recycle the water you normally use. 

Avoid problems with non-compliance with wastewater regulations. 

If your place of business is located near storm drains or other drainage points and the water used for washing vehicles is allowed to leak into those systems, you could be fined for non-compliance, and these fines are not cheap. These drainage systems oftentimes lead to open streams and waterways, so pollution making their way into them is pretty serious. With your own recapturing system in place in the car-washing stalls, you are less likely to lose that runoff filled with chemicals and sediment that can get you in hot water. 

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