Looking To Buy Steel Siding? Factors To Consider Before Making A Purchase

If you are looking to install new siding on your home or commercial building, steel may be the option that you have selected. But, not all steel siding is the same. Before you purchase steel siding, there are certain factors that you need to pay close attention to. Here are a few of the factors to consider before buying steel siding. 

The Thickness of the Steel Siding

When you are looking to buy steel siding, one of the first factors to consider is the thickness of the steel siding, also referred to as the gauge of the metal. The thicker the steel siding is, the stronger and more durable it tends to be. However, on the flip side, the thicker it is, the heavier it is, which can affect how it is installed and the price you will pay for the sheets of siding. Always carefully consider the weather elements where you live, as well as your budget, when deciding just how thick you need the steel siding to be. 

If the Steel Siding Is Coated

Another key factor to consider before buying steel siding is whether the steel siding is coated. Uncoated steel can rust and corrode as it is exposed to the elements outdoors. Coated steel will cost more than uncoated steel. However, coated steel is protected against rust and corrosion, which ultimately helps your steel siding to last longer and maintain its color. It is important to note that even if the steel is coated, coating will need to be reapplied in the future, as it wears off as it is exposed to rain, sunlight, snow and other outdoor elements. 

The Percentage of Recycled Material

Steel can be recycled. If you are looking for an environmentally-friendly siding product, look for steel siding that is made from recycled steel. Manufacturers should list what percentage of their product is made from recycled materials, giving you peace of mind that you are doing your part to help the environment when you buy a siding made with a high recycled percentage. 

The Product's Warranty

Lastly, be sure to pay close attention to the product's warranty before buying steel siding. Every manufacturer offers a different warranty with their product. The length of the warranty and what is covered all vary. Reading the warranty carefully helps you select the product with the warranty that makes the most sense for you. 

There are many benefits associated with steel siding. Taking the time to consider all four of these factors before you buy steel sliding helps to ensure that your steel siding product best meets your needs both now and into the future. 

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