Five Factors That Can Cause an Air Compressor to Operate Less Efficiently

If you need to have an air compressor installed at your industrial facility, it is important to choose a compressor and use it with the goal of maximizing efficiency. Air compressors can consume a lot of energy and generate significant expenses at an industrial facility. However, facility owners and managers can save money by knowing how compressors operate more efficiently.

The following are five factors that can influence how efficiently an air compressor is operating:

The humidity or dryness of the air

When water is present, more energy is necessary to change air temperatures. Humidity in an air compressor increases energy expenditures while also causing condensation to form within the unit. This can leave an air compressor more prone to damage from corrosion.

It's important to make sure that air going into an air compressor is as dry as possible to keep efficiency up and also prevent damage to metal components in the air compressor unit.

The way the controls on the air compressor unit are set

It's important that the air compressor controls are properly set for the output that is needed from the compressor. 

Every compressor is designed so that it can provide a certain air volume that is matched with a specific pressure. You need to make sure that your start and stop controls, load/unload controls, and variable speed drive are appropriate for working at your desired pressure. 

If you are uncertain how to set your controls, you should discuss the issue with your air compressor installer to maximize efficiency.

The temperature of the air

Once it becomes hot, air becomes lower in density. This means that more energy must be consumed to pressurize hot air. It is therefore best to keep the area around your air compressor and the air used by it colder to increase efficiency.  

The design of the air compressor system

The most efficient air compressor systems are designed to maximize efficiency. Efficient systems will include distribution systems that deliver pressure to all point-of-use locations without any hindrances. Also, efficient air compressor design will show a minimum amount of bends in the unit's flow path.

The purity of the air

Air that has been contaminated by dust or another residue will make it so that an air compressor does not operate as efficiently as it should. Contaminated air can also prematurely age an air compressor by allowing residue to accumulate on interior surfaces.

Speak to an air compressor installation specialist for more information.

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