Know Copier Machine Basics To Avoid Expensive Repairs

When you have a copier that uses toner cartridges, it's useful to know some copier basics to help keep your copier running well. If the room where you keep the copier is too humid, you can have all kinds of problems with paper getting stuck and printing messes. If you notice uneven printing, or you have a button blinking rapidly on your copier, look to see what the problem is instead of trying to ignore the issue. Empty toner cartridges are common when you use a copier on a consistent basis. You should learn what types of cartridges your copier uses and how to replace them as necessary. Knowing the basics can help you avoid unnecessary expenses. 

Streaks Across the Page

Streaks going across your printed page may have nothing to do with the toner itself. If you have a mark on the glass surface of your copier, it can show up every time you make a copy. Take the time to clean the glass to see if this fixes the problem. If it doesn't, streaking pages usually mean your toner is starting to run out. Uneven printing is also a sign your toner is running low.

Humid Weather and Copier Problems

Humidity can wreak havoc on your copier's ability to perform. Paper swells up slightly in humidity, making it difficult for the paper to feed into your machine correctly. Your toner may also print in clumps, causing a printed mess. If your copier is in a closed room that doesn't have air conditioning, you are going to have problems with your copier until you remedy the situation. You may need to move your copier to another room or use a dehumidifier in the space where your copier is.

When Copier Warning Lights Go On

Most copiers are going to give you a warning light that your toner cartridge is getting low. If you have both black and colored copying capabilities, the light will indicate what toner cartridges need to be replaced. Don't turn off the machine and restart it, hoping that the warning light will go off. While this might work once or twice, your cartridge needs to be replaced as soon as possible to avoid disruptions in your printing capabilities.

Copier repair may be necessary when you have cleaned your glass surface and changed the toner but still have problems. When your copier chronically malfunctions, a repair person will take a careful look at your copier and identify what the issues are.

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