Types of Hand Trucks and Safety Strategies

Hand trucks make it convenient to transport equipment short distances and will eliminate the need to carry weighted items across the dock or warehouse floor that your shipping and receiving crew moves packages through. Because not all applications will be the same, and the size of a package or its total weight may be vastly different during separate transport sessions, supply your employees with several hand truck models and go over the basics concerning the proper way to use the equipment.

A Dual Or A Quad Wheel Base

A hand truck with two wheels is sometimes referred to as a dolly, and this type of equipment is commonly used within industrial or retail settings. Because the backend of a hand truck will be tilted upward and remain at a slight incline while being pushed across a floor, the operator will need to maintain control of the unit and heavy or awkward-shaped packages should not be stacked upon the loading plate.

A hand truck is most beneficial for the transport of a few cartons or cylinders that are equally proportionate in size and fairly proportionate in weight. A hand truck that contains a quad wheelbase will support large loads that are weighty or that contain irregular-shaped packaging. A hand truck with four wheels should not be lifted and the weight load should always be pushed across a floor so that the operator can maintain their concentration while standing behind the truck. 

A Hand Truck For Steps

If a hand truck is going to be used to move things up and down a flight of steps, a stair crawler is a specialized cart type that is designed for use between floors. A stair crawler contains three wheels along its base, which will aid an operator in maintaining control of a load while moving it up or down.

For instance, if a load is being moved up a flight of steps, the wheel that is most extended will roll up each step first and the other two will maintain stability across the surface as the cart is adjusted to the new height. This type of truck will prevent accidental tip-overs. 

Safety Measures

With any hand truck type, safety measures should be implemented. Although lifting a lot of weight won't be a factor for more than a minute or two, each truck operator should wear a safety belt while they adjust their freight loads. Straps can be used to secure stacks of cartons, which could tip over, if a hand truck is moved swiftly across a floor or if the operator loses control of the equipment.

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