How To Find A Burner Service For Industrial Environments

Burners, or gas furnaces, are used extensively throughout the United States, mostly wherever households find natural gas to be a better heat source than other electrical options. However, some businesses also use burners to heat areas or machinery, and this includes industrial facilities. These commercial and industrial burners are frequently larger and more complicated than residential ones, as they are better equipped for larger spaces and larger heating needs. As such, it can be difficult to find industrial burner services. Here's how to find them.

Ask Your Burner Company

One of the best ways to find a burner service that can handle the industrial-sized burner you have is to contact the manufacturer of your furnace. They most likely have maintenance services in-house or at the very least a customer service line. If they do not offer their own burner maintenance or repair services, then you may be able to find commercial options from their support line if they have that option. They may not offer technical support if they aren't close enough to your facility to offer any support. If this occurs, then you have other options.

Ask Local Industrial Facilities

Another option to find burner services in your area is to ask local industrial facilities what they use, as part of a business-to-business conversation. If they do not use a burner, industrial or otherwise, then they may not be any help, but oftentimes you can essentially use the same networking skills that expand a business to find services for your business. Additionally, one of the best ways to find any contractor or technical service team is to find those that have already done reputable work in the area. If this method works, you can essentially hit two birds with one stone with this method — you can find an industrial HVAC service and find one that knows what they're doing.

Find Industrial HVAC Teams Through Search Engines

Finally, if your gas furnace manufacturer and local industrial facilities are both unable to help, then you'll want to use your preferred search engine to find industrial HVAC services in your area. You need to search for an HVAC service, as the HVAC trade handles heating implements such as gas furnaces, and you need to make sure that they are experienced in industrial burners. Some commercial HVAC services may be able to help, but double-check that they know what they're doing. It may be helpful to use keywords or multiple search engines, to make sure you find all the best options for your area.

Industrial burners can be an invaluable part of an industrial facility, and like any piece of equipment, they need to be serviced regularly. If you are struggling to find burner services, you can call your burner manufacturer, ask nearby industrial facilities for their recommendations, or simply use a search engine wisely. Always do your research on any burner service you choose. 

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