The Use of Ballast Blocks With a Solar Panel Setup

Solar panels that contain a low profile may be prone to shifting on a rooftop or ground surface if anchoring devices aren't used to stabilize the panels. Fluctuations in how a series of panels are aligned could reflect upon the amount of solar energy that is collected. Precast solar blocks are materials that can be used to secure new solar panels.

The Installation Process

There are many solar panel configurations that a home or business owner can choose from. Additionally, there are panels on the market that may be much larger or smaller than other products. The installation process should always be conducted by a professional. This person will attempt to set up a panel design and placement strategy that will be minimally disruptive, yet effective. 

A solar panel installer may recommend the use of precast concrete blocks. These blocks are often referred to as solar ballast blocks. The main objective of using the blocks is to hold panel materials in place and prevent them from damaging materials that the panels will be covering, such as shingles or another roofing material.


Solar panels are commonly installed upon a roof, but can also be installed on most sturdy surfaces that aren't as elevated as a rooftop. The ballast blocks that are used to anchor the solar panels will be a solid color. A customer who chooses to use ballast blocks may be initially concerned about how they will look next to the other solar materials. There are ways to install the blocks that will minimize how much the blocks will be able to be seen.

For instance, an installer may use a recessed design when installing a series of blocks. They may also choose concrete pieces that are relatively thin. If a recessed design is used, blocks will be deep-set into the surface where solar panels will be used. The weight of each block will not damage the materials that solar panels will be set up on.

If thin blocks are going to be used to line a rooftop or a piece of property that is at ground level, the thinner girth of this type of block will not stand out. Solar panels can be anchored directly to the ballast blocks. The tensile strength of blocks and the weather resiliency rating of the concrete is tested when ballast blocks are manufactured. Blocks will not crumble or chip and will hold up against all types of weather. 

Contact a supplier if you have any other questions about precast solar ballast blocks

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