Useful Information About Commercial Electrical Tools To Make Finding The Right Tools Easier

Businesses that lose power or want to prevent power outages often hire electricians for service. These professionals use a variety of tools to diagnose electrical problems and perform repair and maintenance tasks, such as cutting wires or installing new equipment.

This buyer's guide can help new and seasoned commercial electricians find the right tools.

Voltage Detector

Commercial electricians often use highly advanced voltage detectors to determine the amount of power that an electrical system component has and if the component is getting any power at all. The best detectors allow electricians to check voltages without having to make contact with the electrical component to reduce electric shock risks. The most advanced detectors can also minimize false readings that are often produced by ghost voltage.

Standard Pliers

Pliers are often needed to do different types of commercial electrical work. It's best to choose pliers that are easy to grip so that they can be used properly without being too strenuous on the hands. The pliers should also be designed for easy storage and retrieval from pouches and pockets. Since pliers may come in contact with moisture when commercial electrician work is being performed, it's also advisable to choose pliers that are made from rust-resistant materials and have a special rust-resistant coating on them. 

Diagonal Pliers

For cutting wires, diagonal pliers can be used to do the job. The pliers that are chosen should be able to cut through aluminum, steel, and copper wire without breaking or denting the pliers. Many of the best diagonal pliers on the market also feature dropped forged steel material in their designs so that the pliers can be stronger and used for a longer period without breaking down as quickly.

Conduit Bender

To install wiring and cable around a corner correctly, a conduit bender that's able to bend the conduit piping to the correct shape and angle is needed. The conduit bender should have cast markings and symbols that serve as guides for bending the conduit piping in different ways so that the commercial electrical work can be done faster and easier. It's also best to choose a conduit bender that has a foot pedal that's wide enough for optimal stability.

Commercial electrical work can be made easier with the right tools that have been manufactured to the highest quality. A commercial electrician who needs new tools to do their work should review the specs of each selection carefully so that the smartest choice can be made.

Reach out to local commercial electrical equipment suppliers to learn more.

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