Essential Fire Hydrant Services Your Industrial Business Might Need

Protecting your industrial property from the risk of fire is vital for your employees' well-being as well as your business assets. One crucial element in ensuring that your property has the necessary means to combat fires effectively is having fire hydrants within proximity. Not surprisingly, specialized contractors offer fire hydrant services that can help you keep these devices running reliably.

Fire Hydrant Testing 

Regular fire hydrant testing ensures these devices are in working order. This process involves assessing your property's fire hydrants' water pressure and flow rate. The fire hydrant's valves will be tested to ensure they open and close when needed.

During a typical testing procedure, professionals will connect a flow meter and pressure gauge to a designated outlet on the hydrant. Opening up the water supply valve allows them to measure how much water is discharged per minute and how forceful it is coming out. These results are then compared against industry standards to determine if any repairs or adjustments need to be made.

Fire Hydrant Maintenance

In addition to periodic testing, investing in regular maintenance services for your fire hydrants can help prolong their lifespan and keep them functioning when needed during an emergency. Some common maintenance tasks include lubricating the operating nut and cleaning away dirt or debris that may have accumulated around seals or valves.

Moreover, professionals may thoroughly inspect each hydrant's components. Particular attention may be given to the gaskets and caps. If these components are damaged or otherwise severely worn, replacing them may be the most suitable repair option for ensuring the fire hydrant works correctly.

Flushing Services 

Over time, debris and sediments can accumulate within the water pipeline connected to your fire hydrants. When left unchecked, these impurities can obstruct the flow of water during firefighting efforts, rendering the hydrant less effective or even unusable.

Flushing typically involves opening a hydrant's valve to create a forceful discharge of water. This action propels any accumulated debris or sediment from the pipe and into storm drains or designated areas for safe disposal.

Fire Hydrant Installation

Whether you need fire hydrants installed on a newly developed lot or you want to upgrade the number of hydrants on your existing property, hiring a professional for this work is crucial. Fire hydrant installation requires precise planning and adherence to local regulations governing their placement. By ensuring that these steps are executed correctly from start to finish, you can help guarantee that your property is appropriately protected against potential fire hazards while complying with all relevant laws.

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